10 Tips for Babywearing Beginners

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10 Tips for Babywearing Beginners

New to babywearing in a Two Feathers Babywearing Ring Sling? This blog is for you. Below are 10 Tips for Babywearing Beginners. Please also read more about babywearing safety here. If you want to brush up on some ring sling terms before reading have a look at our simple How-Tos blog. 

1. Wear your ring sling like a sash. Make sure rings start at heart level or higher. Your rings will move down a bit if your pouch is larger than needed. So, if you're still getting used to how tight/loose your sling should be before moving baby into place, try starting with the rings higher up on your shoulder so as you tighten the rails the rings will move to heart level. 

2. The placement of the fabric over the shoulder comes down to personal taste, but for optimal comfort, make sure the fabric is nicely spread out over your shoulder. Fabric should not pull on the neck. The weight should rest across your back and shoulder - not your neck. The more spread out the fabric is the more spread out the weight of your baby will be. If you are needing more mobility in both arms and wearing for only a short period of time you can spread the fabric less, but if you plan to wear your baby for a while spread that fabric out. 

Keep in mind you can switch shoulders if you would like. The more you switch from shoulder to shoulder the better, but I wear my son, Bubba, on the same shoulder every time. It's just what feels most comfortable to me. Do what feels best. If it does not feel good - don't do it.

3. Before moving baby into the ring sling, you'll want to get a pouch ready. The size of the pouch depends on the size of your baby. For a newborn baby, the ring sling pouch will be much smaller. For a toddler, the pouch will be bigger. For a hip carry, your pouch will generally be even larger. The more you practice wearing your baby, the better you will be at determining the size the pouch needs to be before lifting baby into place.

4. Adjust the fabric in the rings to make sure the top rail is lined up and threaded properly so that it is the top piece of fabric coming out of the rings. The bottom rail should be the bottom fabric or the tail side that faces out away from your body. Spread the fabric across your back. You'll want to re-spread this fabric once your baby is securely inside of your Two Feathers Babywearing baby ring sling in case it moves out of place. The more spread out your fabric is the more spread out the weight will be! 

5. Whether you're wearing a newborn or a toddler, the best way to get your baby in place is to lift baby up to your shoulder without the rings. Hold your baby with one hand and use your other hand to reach up under the pouch and guide baby's feet down into the pouch. This first move with your baby is one you will want to practice. Work in the mirror, in the beginning, to see how you're doing. It takes a bit of coordination to guide your baby down, brace your baby, and lower them while spreading the pouch. Once you get the hang of it, this will all become second nature.

6. Once your baby is inside the pouch and you've spread the pouch out, you will guide your baby into a deep seat. Although the baby will be sitting inside the sling nicely, you'll want to make sure you keep your baby high and in sight. To test if you have your baby high enough in your Two Feathers Babywearing Ring Sling try kissing their forehead. If you can kiss your baby, you most likely have them in the right position vertically. 

7. While adjusting your sling, you must make sure that your baby's bottom is secure before going hands-free. You'll want to make sure the fabric gets tucked under your baby's bottom - almost up to where their belly button is while you're moving them into their seated position. You'll check on your baby often while wearing them. Checking to make sure their bottom is secure is very important. 

8. To tighten your ring sling and cinch up the pouch, you will pull the tail by each rail down and out. You can also pull the whole tail down at once for one last tighten. For support, make sure baby's back and neck are covered with the top rail. If your toddler wants their arms out, that's fine, just be sure the top rail is as high as possible and your baby is not leaning backward.

9. While making final adjustments, be sure that your baby is in an "M" position with knees higher than the bottom. The bottom rail should tuck snuggly at your baby's knees for leg support. 

10. You can always wrap your Two Feathers Babywearing ring sling tail in various ways. The slim pocket allows you to wrap the tail around the rings for a sleek look, twist the tail to the point and tuck behind baby's neck for support, and you can even tuck the tail behind the knees for additional bum support. If you're moving about and using your hands, you may just want to move the tail into one of these positions simply for comfort. Leave the tail down for use of the pocket. The pocket is large enough to hold most diapers, wipes, keys, and phones.

We hope you found this blog helpful. If so, please share it with your friends and fellow babywearers. If you need our assistance with babywearing in your Two Feathers Babywearing Ring Sling, or even want to send us a photo for our online gallery, get in touch.