Amy's 2016 Gift Guide

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Amy's 2016 Gift Guide

Here I am, a new mom all over again. 

While I LOVE this role it also comes with a lot of "needs" and purchases to be made. Thankfully some of my necessities at the moment are filled with items I saved from my last baby. I've also been blessed with great friends and family members who have gifted my tribe with some of our favorite baby items! 

Holiday Gift Guide for New Parents

I have a few old favorites and a handful new gems that will be perfect as a treat for yourself or to purchase for a new mom, baby, or dad in your life and here they are...

1. Ring Slings

Of course, our ring slings! This is my #1 mommy survival gift by far. If you want to give a gift that keeps on giving from newborn to toddler THIS IS IT. I use my ring sling while designing for Two Feathers Babywearing, getting things done around the house, and just for fun snuggles. Our slings are machine washable, long lasting, and all made in Oklahoma... so you're not only giving a perfect gift but your also giving back to our state.

2. Sleepers and Hats

Simple, fun, and sweet coverall style outfits are the best. As a family of 5, I'm dressing 5 different people now... or at least picking out the clothes for that many folks. So to me, a nice outfit that is simple to throw together is ideal. I don't have to worry about finding socks, shoes to match, or the right hair bow. I'm set in two quick picks. A Burts Bees Baby coverall is a great gift for newborns and small babies. I wish I could get away with leaving the house in a sleeper.

3. Diaper Bag

This is a new love of mine, sorry Sam. My diaper bag was gifted to my family and is cherished by me. This bag has lots of pockets, comes with a changing clutch, and has multiple options for the straps, but my favorite part is the designer... Oh, Joy! I've been following and admiring this designer for so long. I've read her books and drooled over her style through the years and now I get to tote her designs around with my baby and I. Every family should have a quality diaper bag for sure and if it brings you a little extra joy, why not?

4. Baby Blankets

Although I was gifted with many thick handmade blankets from my mom I also really like to carry with me a light and soft blanket to throw over my baby in the elements or over the car seat to block the sun. This Austin Tie Dye swaddle blanket is perfect. The owners are great and you can buy their goods locally from Green Bambino.

5. Nursing Cover

I know I know, many moms do not even use a nursing cover these days, but I like to. My old apron-style nursing cover never left my diaper bag with my son (unless it was going for a wash), but I've truly been upgraded by my new style of cover. Introducing Cover Me Ponchos. Their ponchos come in stripes (love) and they offer plus sizes which is always nice. I wore this as a poncho covering my baby bump and now use it often covering my lady lump. I had to. HA! Thank you, Sam, for buying me this one. 

6. Burp Cloths

I use burp cloths like it's going out of style. From covering one breast at home (so I do not leak everywhere while nursing the opposite side) to covering my work shirt while burping my baby before a meeting! I grab a new burpie and throw it in my diaper bag every day. It's great for drying your hands, wiping your babies mouth, and you can use LESS paper towels and wipes. Another nice thing to sew as a gift since it's pretty simple to make, but you can also pick up these Milkbarn kids burp cloths at Green Bambino right here in Oklahoma City. 

7. Wet Bag

This Skip Hop wet / dry bag came to live with my family when my son was a baby. The wet side can be used for dirty clothes and diapers and the dry for holding a change of clothes and more. This style of bag is essential for cloth diapering, but even if you use disposables this is a handy reusable bag to carry instead of paper or plastic trash bags! 

8. Soothing Beads

This is a cute Two Feathers Babywearing necklace for anyone to wear. Moms love these beads because they offer some relief for their teething babies and even something to pinch on while nursing. Although I do not carry or wear mine around yet, trust me I have a few different styles ready to go for when my baby hits the teething development stage. Soothing beads are a simple and great baby shower gift, but they can also be a wonderful Christmas or birthday gift as well. 

9. Amber Necklace

We have an Amber necklace made by The Amber Monkey that we purchased for my son. We're saving it for my new baby girl of course. These necklaces are perfect for teething babies and gifts... but I have grown a soft spot for all things Amber over the past few years. We were first introduced to Green Bambino when Sam went to purchase our son his Amber necklace which opened so many doors! We now have a great local shop to buy baby goods, but we also were able to build relationships with the folks in the shop who would later carry our baby products. So when I see Amber necklaces I reflect on my baby boy, but I also remember how God used that Amber to guide us towards such a huge blessing in our lives.

10. Meh Dai

We will end this list with the Two Feathers Babywearing Meh Dai. I finally gifted MYSELF with our one of our Meh Dais. I can't wait to wear my daughter around in this carrier as she gets bigger. This is a great gift for a mom of multiples or a busy working mom. I know I'll be in the studio wearing our Meh Dai or at a craft show sporting this carrier very soon. Like our ring sling, this carrier is long lasting and made right here in Oklahoma. Choose from different linen colors all paired with beautiful silver silk. Give the ultimate gift to your favorite growing family this holiday season.

I hope you find this baby gift guide helpful and inspiring while you shop! Contact us if you have any questions about ordering any of our Two Feathers Babywearing. 

If you can't decide what to give this season, a gift card is always an option.