3 Unique Shades of Gray We Know You'll Love

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3 Unique Shades of Gray We Know You'll Love

Our Latest Designs Offer Hand Dyed Style 

It’s spring, and warmer temperatures are right around the corner. The last winter was unseasonably warm, giving us a little extra pep in our step and a sense of renewal that’s kept us busy making big changes! Not only is the Two Feathers Babywearing website getting a fresh look, but we’re taking great steps to make purchasing our products as easy and convenient as possible. With a site dedicated just to shopping, our babywearing customers will enjoy access to the latest and greatest items, specifically designed to foster healthy child development and improve the lives of families all over the world. 

Along with a shiny new website, we've also been working on our exciting new ring sling designs we know you're going to love. We’re beyond proud of our products and are thrilled to introduce you to our latest works of heart.

As creatives, we find inspiration everywhere. Watching the sunrise can awaken our souls to original ideas in the same way learning about a new culture can create a flurry of concepts that feed our love of tradition. This spring, we’re taking the opportunity to honor both Indian and Japanese textile history through our products. We've created three new ring sling designs we know you're going to love. Introducing our very own new shades of gray: 

Together Shibori

Shibori Abyss

Our Shibori slings are similar to our existing slings in that they’re made of 100% linen, but they also hold very different characteristics. Shibori is an ancient Japanese manual resist dyeing technique, which produces unique patterns on fabric. The finished product depends on which technique it used in the dyeing process; you can bind, stitch, fold, twist, or compress the cloth, each way producing different results. And because the general idea is to work in harmony with the fabric, a truly original design is created each time.

Bandhani Forever

This pattern differs from the rest in that it’s inspired by a traditional Indian method of dyeing fabrics, known as bandhani. This is a type of tie-dye process dating back to as early as 4000 B.C. and is achieved by hand-tying dozens of small beans inside the fabric. This painstaking process is extremely labor intensive and takes a great amount of time to produce each piece. We think this is a huge part of what makes this particular design so special; each one is unique.

Attributes of Linen 

Like all of our slings, our newest arrivals are made from 100% natural linen and are dyed using safe, non-toxic and colorfast dyes. Linen itself has many amazing features that all work together to help provide a positive babywearing experience for you and your baby. When you use one of our ring slings, you’ll benefit from the following:

  • Naturally thermoregulating-Keeps you cool in warm weather and warm in cool weather

  • Durable, long-lasting fabric that gets softer with use

  • Made from the flax plant, which gives it natural absorbency

  • Lightweight and permeable fabric allows airflow

  • Naturally dirt and stain resistant

  • Material contains slubs which make each piece of fabric unique

  • Used in many products, ranging from bed sheets to clothing

Stay Tuned

Excited doesn’t even begin to cover how we feel about our new products and what the rest of 2017 has in store for Two Feathers Babywearing and our customers! Check back often to see new announcements, developments, and even more new products and services! As always, Two Feathers Babywearing is here to help make the babywearing as seamless and natural for your family as possible. We believe success comes from education, experience, and building a sense of community through sharing our stories with each other. Please feel free to leave comments or drop us a line - we’d love to hear from you!