A Resolute 2018

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A Resolute 2018

What a whirlwind the holiday season can be, and now the new year is upon us! We often take stock at the close of each year to determine how and what we could do better. How about in 2018 we embark on something different than resolutions? Of course, it is often noble and honorable to set goals like “This year I will go to bed earlier” or “I want to exercise more”, etc. 

We Can Do Better

Growing up, I always resolved to keep my closet organized. It was my annual plan. Naturally, the reason it was a reoccurring resolution was that, inevitably, I could not sustain the discipline required for my chore. Things got busy, and eventually, the closet was low on the priority list. Anyone else? No offense to resolutions, but I think we can do better than that.  

A Resolute Mindset

Let’s be resolute: “admirably purposeful, determined, and unwavering” in every day. Resolutions tend to fall apart my mid-March, but a resolute mindset is exactly what we (and our families) need in 2018.  Obviously, raising children is a task requiring commitment that outlasts any New Year’s resolution, but the art of being resolute in parenthood is where my heart is as December comes to a close. The fresh slate that January presents us with is a rare gift! Obviously, we could choose any day to show up for our kids and to embrace opportunities to speak truth and love into their lives; but for some reason this week – we all pause and re-evaluate. 

A resolution is a noun – it is a thing. 

Resolute is an adjective. My first grader reminded me that an adjective describes someone or something. I want it to describe me. I want to be a resolute mother and an example for my children of what hard work, discipline, and lots of grace can yield. I want to be, as the definition states, admirably purposeful. So often, we can be distracted by the minutia of parenthood/work in our days that we lose sight of the tender and teachable moments we have with our families and within our communities. Two Feathers Babywearing focuses on individuals, babies, and families. I am so thrilled to be part of a resolute business as well as incorporating the resolute philosophy into my everyday living.

Purposeful Parenting

Let’s switch out resolute for the word “parent” and read the definition again with ourselves in mind “admirably purposeful, determined, unwavering”. It gives me chills. 

Purposeful Parenting

I am skipping the resolutions – I have enough things in my life. In 2018, I am working toward that adjective. I want it to describe my busy life. Yes, there will be moments, days, and even weeks of failure but there will be something we fall back on. Two Feathers Babywearing embodies the resolute spirit, and 2018 is going to be another exciting adventure for our team and for the community we serve.

We wish you and your families a prosperous and resolute new year.