Always Do What’s Right

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Always Do What’s Right

One of our guiding principles is “Always Do What’s Right.” It guides every decision we make at Two Feathers Babywearing, from the design of our baby products to their names. This is why you will notice a name change in one of our baby carriers from Mei Tai to Meh Dai.

A Carrier by Any Other Name

After doing research on the changing name in the industry, Two Feathers Babywearing decided that moving to Meh Dai would be the right choice for our company. Our made-in-Oklahoma baby carrier is based on an East Asian style called Meh Dai in Cantonese or Bei Dai in Mandarin. “Mei Tai" does not reflect the correct pronunciation of either term. It is our goal to provide the most accurate information possible to our customers and to treat all people with respect, which is why we made the decision to change our product name.

As a team, we have started the process of changing to Meh Dai in all of our marketing, packaging, and instructions. We are acting as quickly as possible to make the updates, and the outdated product name should soon be gone.

Same High Standards

If you have any of our old instructions, please note that the process of wearing your baby will not change. We are and have always been committed to the providing you with quality merchandise we use ourselves. Only the name is changing at this time. If you have any questions about wearing your baby in our Meh Dai, look at our instructions or contact us. We are always ready to help.