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Buy One Give One

We visited KSBI this week to tell them about our design studio, ring slings, and our giving opportunity coming in October! 

Let's Give

In the month of October, for every Ring Sling purchased online, we will be GIVING away a brand new Two Feathers Babywearing Ring Sling to Lift Me Up. Lift Me Up is a 501c3 Non profit and they will take our donations and connect them with families who have special needs children! These families will receive their rings slings at no charge, but with a lot of love. 

Ring Sling Benefits

Caring for little ones daily is hard work and there are even more intensive tasks to carry out for parents with special needs children. Providing these families with ring slings will give them the convenience of holding their babies close while still being hands-free to tend to the other members of their family. Slings also help parents go where strollers can not whether it's a playground or a park! Slings are also great for moms and dads who spend many hours in the hospital or in the ER with their special needs child. Not only do ring slings help out parents and caregivers, but they also help the babies that are carried. Baby's who are worn cry less, have better body awareness and avoid plagiocephaly. These babies also have better opportunities for learning communication and social cues since they are near their carrier's face.

Our Heart

Our family word is giving this year and it's heavy on our hearts. We're excited to give and see our customers join in. We pray that you get to know our passion for babywearing more and our heart for giving through the partnership we have with Lift Me Up.

Please shop our babywearing products this October and let's make it a great month. If you are a family with a special needs child please visit Lift Me Up's application page to apply for your own carrier. <3