Dear Baby Samuel - Letter 2

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Dear Baby Samuel - Letter 2

Dear Baby Samuel, 

I'm writing another letter to you finally. I have so much to say to you. You are 22 weeks and 5 days old today.

In December we found out you are a boy! Oh, how my heart was so happy. You know, when I would talk about you early on in pregnancy I would refer to you as a boy. I would say things like "he is the size of a bean" or "I think he just moved in my tummy" ahh my baby boy. It was so fun to see the look on your dad's face when he saw you were going to be his first born baby boy. I could tell he was holding back his excitement in the doctor's office. Your gender reveal on the ultrasound was my favorite Christmas present this year. Your aunt Ashley has already given you tons of baby boy items from your cousins. Your entire family here in American, India, and Australia are so ecstatic that you are a boy!

I've been feeling you more and more lately! I remember before I was pregnant thinking pregnancy things would sick me out, but ha my motherly instincts must be kicking in... literally. Your kicks just make me smile. I imagine your little baby feet inside me and I can't wait to kiss them. Your dad told me the other morning that he was snuggling me in the night and could feel you moving all around. We both just love knowing you're okay in there and we love thinking about you arriving! In the day at work, I sit at my desk and lay one hand over my tummy. It's fun having you at work with me, Bubba. I love you.

I wonder all the time what you are thinking in there. I did some research on baby studies that talk about you listening, sensing light, tasting, and moving about. Some even talk about how you can feel my emotions and in turn, you have your own set of emotions. You are such a little miracle.

Your Amachi in India keeps asking me if my belly is bigger! Yes... yes you are growing so fast now. Keep growing little lovey and enjoy the ride. Only 17 weeks and 2 days left. We are all praying for you!