Dear Baby Samuel - Letter 4

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Dear Baby Samuel - Letter 4


Happy Thanksgiving! I've been meaning to write you more letters, but honestly, you have pretty much soaked up all my free time for the past year and a half! BUT I wouldn't have had it any other way. Truly.

I want you to know dad and I are really working hard right now on our design studio. Not only because it's our passion, but also because it helps to make a way for us to spend more time with you. Yes, sometimes in the night I don't sleep, but instead, I design so that the next day I can just be with you. Dad works extremely hard in the day so he can make it home in time to wrestle for a while then "nuggles" you up before bedtime. We wouldn't trade this life. We're doing big things with God, but God's also doing big things for our family. Right now, even with all the sacrifices, we couldn't be more blessed. You are a big part of that blessing. Watching you grow and watching your personality emerge is so fun.

I just want you to know, I'm impressed, son. I'm impressed with how adorable you are, how fun you are, how cuddly you are, how determined you are (already full of grit like your parents), and how much you grow every day. You are developing into this big boy right before my eyes. Where's momma's baby Samuel!?



  • daddah
  • sissy
  • hello
  • outside (sometimes you just say "side")
  • show
  • thank you
  • ya ya ya (while you pretend to talk on your play phone like dad)
  • ok ok (so Indian)
  • bye bye
  • momma (mostly when you are needing "nuggles")
  • oh no!
  • shoe
  • peakaboo
  • I
  • sock
  • more please
  • yellow

and more - just this week you said "papa" for the first time.


  • roll around on the floor with your family
  • play steering wheel with anything round
  • spin around
  • go outside
  • give kisses
  • eat ginger cookies
  • poke at your belly button (aka BB)
  • open and close things
  • bang things
  • climb things
  • go into our studio space
  • watch The Hive
  • facetime with dad
  • drink milk
  • take sweaty slobbery naps on dad and I
  • color while I make dinner

So I hope one day when you read this letter you get a little taste of my life as a mom with you and your childhood. You are very special. God made you unique, different, one of a kind, and full of potential to change the world. You have everything inside of you to be whatever you want to be. Keep being you little one.

I love you dearly. I'm thankful I get to be your mom.

- Momma

Photos by - Jessica Pearl Photography