Happy Babywearing Birthday

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Happy Babywearing Birthday

Five years ago, Amy Samuel launched her Ring Sling. The design came from her desire to create a sling that met her personal needs and the knowledge that other parents shared her passion for babywearing. Vinod Samuel built relationships with stores like Green Bambino, the first shop to carry our Ring Sling, and he didn’t stop there. Who knew that this made in Oklahoma ring sling would soon become a product sold across the United States? Over the years, our customers and associates have become friends and family. Together, we created a community based on a common goal. We all want to support children and each other. 

Customer Satisfaction and Growth

As the feedback for the original design came in, it was apparent that the sling provides comfort to both parents and children, making babywearing easier for everyone involved. Parents enjoy bonding with their children, and their children liked the security of being close. Each family has unique experiences and personal reasons for choosing our Ring Sling, and we are happy to give them the support they need. 

The company has expanded to include meh dais, bows, and soothing beads, but it always comes back to making parents and children happy while improving the bonding process. We have not changed our original focus, and we never will. 

What’s in a Name? 

To celebrate five years of business, we decided to change our name to Two Feathers Babywearing. Feathers appear in both Biblical and Native American traditions. They represent trust, strength, wisdom, power, freedom, and a gift from above. Feathers symbolize moments of bravery that capture our hearts as we live out our greatest moments of victory. 

How We Came Up With the Name

Changing the name was not a decision that we took lightly. As the creator of the line, Amy wanted it to be perfect. She found the answer while looking through pictures from their last visit to India. A photo of her son, nicknamed Bubba, holding two feathers in a garden brought back memories. She saw how examining his simple find inspired him.

Two Feathers Babywearing

This sweet memory of innocent wonder became her inspiration for the new name. The trip was a chance for Bubba to connect with his East Indian heritage, and the feathers tied in with Amy’s Choctaw ancestry, uniting the two. 

Two Feathers Babywearing

Over the next few days, Amy worked tirelessly on the brand, brainstorming name ideas and sketching design options. Soon, Two Feathers took shape.

Our Promise

The name may change, but our commitment to excellence will not. So, happy birthday to our Oklahoma ring sling

Thank you, everyone, who has been on this journey with us. We appreciate the community that you have helped us build and look forward to continuing this journey together. Follow Two Feathers on Facebook for more updates or join our group for all the exclusive details.