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As a lover of words, origins, and literature my heart has been drawn to researching DEEPER meanings for the language we all use. I often stumble upon Hebrew words; while their historical, Biblical interpretation, and relevance can be profound, our ability to connect personally to language can be as well. 

Hineni (pronounced hih-neh-nee) is translated "Here I am or Here am I. I am present. I am ready. Use me."

A light bulb went on! We can use this word in so many ways to equip our hearts and minds for the season we are in. For many of us, that is a season of service. Service to our families, friends, churches, communities, careers, homes, and so much more. I find myself compelled to adjust my mindset toward the gift of hineni. What an opportunity we have to show up with open hands to serve! It is not a burden, it is not a job, it is a mindset. 

Hineni for the Burnt Out

We all know children are beloved, and parenthood is a gift that many wish to receive, but once we do, the mundane day-to-day tasks can become like clock-work (or organized chaos, as we call it). There is just so much to do. The demands of our families and careers can easily result in resentment, fatigue, and that burnt out effect. The Two Feathers Babywearing team is passionate about moving parents out of a burnt-out mindset and into hineni. How many times have you thought, “If I just had another set of hands?” or “If there was just one more of me I could…”? Hineni means YOU are enough. You are capable, equipped, and prepared for your calling. Embrace it. Physically, Two Feathers Babywearing's slings and meh dais are available to support you and your child through this busy season – but spiritually and philosophically we want to add more to your equipment list.  

Hineni for the Reflecting

The season of baby carrying is short. Right? Though the days may be long, the years are short. We will look back fondly (often through rose-colored glasses) at the days when our children needed us so frequently. The hope of Two Feathers Babywearing is to encourage all parents to put those glasses on now! Wrap that precious miracle close to your heart and live in hineni. 

Whether you are a working mom, stay at home dad, foster parent, home schooling, or getting your kids to the bus stop – baby carriers will free up your hands and hineni will prepare your hearts. Not everyone believes in words of affirmation – but when your eyes open from sleep (whether it be due to an alarm clock, a restless child, or a busy mind) say it out loud. “Hineni.” Be present. Be used. Here I am! Know that there are companies in this world that are here to support families, to help you draw near to what is most important to you, and to encourage you to serve in love exactly where you are. Two Feathers Babywearing is focused on serving you. 

We say it with you, “Hineni!”. 

We are here. Use us.