How to Skyrocket Your New-Dad Confidence

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How to Skyrocket Your New-Dad Confidence

“Well, are you ready?” seems to be the most asked question to any dad awaiting the arrival of his first baby. With a smile, “Ready as I'll ever be,” as the standard, socially acceptable response. But what if, just one time, one of them told the truth? What if they were to say, “I have no idea,” which is really closer to reality for the majority of parents.

As an expecting new dad, you are overwhelmed with unexplainable emotions, advice from every person you see, baby product advertisements and, no doubt, a feeling of uncertainty. Having a baby is a monumental life decision and you might wonder if you have what it takes.

We think Ricky Gervais got it right when he said:


In other words; stop worrying, what you're feeling is totally normal. And everything will fall in place, naturally. But if you really want to up your new-dad confidence, we know the best shortcut. The quickest and most natural way to gain confidence as a dad is by babywearing.

Though the full spectrum of benefits varies from person to person, there's no denying the effectiveness of this centuries-old child-rearing technique. It would take us days to list all of the positives, but here's a glimpse at how babywearing can give you so much confidence in the first months or years of your life as a father:

  • Bonding - The first months of baby’s life don't have to be just about being close to mommy; bonding with daddy is also essential for their healthy development. Wearing your baby will create a natural, secure connection for both of you by providing the skin-to-skin contact baby so needs to thrive.
  • The closeness helps dad learn baby’s unique feeding cues and better understand how to fill their needs, which is the ultimate daddy confidence booster.
  • You get to be more involved and hands-on-because the more involved you are, the more you know how to help and because everyone loves an actively involved daddy, especially baby.
  • Makes baby happier - A worn baby is generally a happy baby because they're are getting the closeness they need and having their needs met quicker and easier.  
  • Builds a safe family unit - Babies need to feel protected in order to be content and babywearing is a natural way to achieve this.
  • Makes outings easier - No need to lug around an infant seat or stroller for a quick trip to the grocery store; most wraps fold up small enough to fit in a purse or diaper bag. Two Feathers Babywearing Ring Slings take it a step further by coming equipped with a pocket big enough to hold a diaper, cell phone, and car keys. How's that for easy?
  • Gives mommy a much-needed break to grab a hot shower, eat a meal sitting down, or any number of things. When you babywear, you're not only helping yourself, you're also helping mommy immensely.
  • Sets a good example for your children on the importance of raising healthy babies and being physically present for your family.
  • Spreads babywearing awareness - Promotes positive parenting techniques, which ultimately contributes to our society in a huge way. And encourages other dads to give it a try and start reaping the many benefits.
  • Supporting babywearing also supports a breastfeeding mommy as feeding in most carriers adds ease and convenience to the process.


A Two Feathers Babywearing Ring Sling is the perfect choice for any dad out there. Intentionally designed to foster healthy child development while providing confidence and convenience to wearers, our slings go above and beyond the norm for baby carriers. We pour our hearts into our work and deliver products that match our core values: always do what’s right, do more with less, have a craftsman’s attitude and deliver unmatched service, never letting it slide. That’s why we’re confident our slings are an invaluable addition to any family.

With temperatures on the rise, now is the perfect time to try a soft and cool linen sling. Linen is naturally absorbent, moisture wicking and thermo-regulating, keeping you and baby the perfect temperature, even in those hot summer months. Check out our amazing colors sure to be a hit with any dad out there.

If linen isn't his thing, try one of our luxurious, 100% dupioni silk slings. You'd be hard pressed to find a better gift for your favorite daddy-to-be. Click over here to learn more about our slings or to contact Two Feathers Babywearing, an Oklahoma company.

We love our dads! Happy Father's day to all the dads and dads-to-be out there, especially Vinod Samuel (pictured above), our Operations Director <3