Little Midnight

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Little Midnight


About this item

Do you want a bit more than basic black? Our Little Midnight Meh Dai combines Midnight Black with Little Star. The silver highlights the black, giving it a little spark, while black, as you know, goes with everything.

Quality Materials

Our Two Feathers Babywearing Meh Dais are CPSIA and CPSC certified. They’re made of silk and linen fabric. We work with international, master linen and silk experts to select top-quality fabrics for our meh dais. Linen is resistant to dirt and stains, strong and durable, and cool to the touch. Linen is easy to care for and gets softer with each wash. We select thick, hand-woven Indian dupioni silk, which has a beautiful shine and is soft to the touch. Our silk fabric is full of grip and resists stains. The combination of linen and silk is unbeatable.

Intentional Meh Dai Design

Two Feathers Baby Meh Dais have unique stitchwork inspired by our Oklahoma and Native-American roots.

  • adjustable & washable
  • padded for extra comfort
  • diverse carry options (Babywear on your front, back, and hip.)
  • front pocket (Ideal for on-the-go items and style.)
  • drawstrings (Tie drawstrings for a more custom fit.)
  • wrap straps (Spread straps for a wrap like feel or keep them narrow for a simple fit.)

Wash and Wear

All Two Feathers Babywearing Meh Dais are machine washable in cold water on the gentle cycle. Our meh dais are the ideal solution for babywearing moms, dads, and caregivers. They are recommended for babies from newborns to toddlers. Each baby carrier comes with instructions.

Made in Oklahoma

8 - 45lbs / 3.6 - 20.4kg | 0 - 48 months