Old Becomes New Again at Two Feathers Babywearing

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Old Becomes New Again at Two Feathers Babywearing

Two Feathers Babywearing is always looking for ways to make our products creative, and we are happy to announce new Bandhani and Shibori dye designs are here to celebrate our name change and five years in the babywearing business. These special ring slings not only look beautiful, but they also have a rich history.

What is Bandhani?

The Bandhani dyeing method goes back centuries. Unlike the bright, psychedelic tye-dying of the 1960s, Bandhani creations are distinct designs. They range from basic dots to beautifully intricate pictures. Experts in India are able to easily create dots, squares, waves, and stripes as they work. The name, Bandhani comes from the Hindi word for “tied up”. Small portions of fabric are tied off to keep the dye from reaching it, so they remain their natural color.

Our Process

We created two different Bandhani patterns, Bandhani Eternal and Bandhani Dream, in our Oklahoma design studio by hand-tying dozens of stones in each piece of fabric. We used stones of different shapes and sizes to create variations in the patterns.

Babywearing By Hand - Bandhani

As you can see, dyeing a Bandhani is an involved process, but we are delighted with the results. The light linen circles peek out of mossy moon background for a fashionable and unique look.

Babywearing By Hand - Shibori

What Is Shibori?

Shibori is a dyeing technique first developed in ancient Japan, and it is experiencing a resurgence in the 21st century because of the way it creates a sense of harmony. The term comes from the Japanese word for squeeze, wring or press. Traditionally, this method of resistance dyeing is manipulated through manually twisting, knotting, or placing pressure on the cloth to prevent the dye from fully adhering. The final result should be a color pattern that softly blends into the fabric.

Our Process

We made five Shibori dye patterns using rubber bands and pulling. We spent hours working in the studio and outdoors to bring our visions to life. Our hands did not come out unscathed, but we think the final product is worth it.

Made in Oklahoma Hand Dyed Ring Slings

The organic look and feel of Shibori are what draw people to it. The gentle blur of these dyes creates a sense of serenity and tranquility that you can carry with you.

The Final Products

For obvious reasons, the Shibori and Bandhani baby ring slings are small batches. Since they are hand-dyed and hand-made, no two will be exactly alike. In fact, there is only one Shibori Embrace. We only use non-toxic dyes that bond to the linen fibers, which prevents fading and running, so you can wash them without fear.

Here are some of the completed slings:

If you are interested in our linen dyes, make a purchase or contact us before your favorite is gone.