The Remarkable Ways Babywearing Improves Your Child’s Development

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The Remarkable Ways Babywearing Improves Your Child’s Development

Imagine a way to hold your little one close to you every day and to have the ability to create a way to build your child’s self-esteem. As a busy parent, it’s nice to be able to get the day’s chores completed, but often when you have a newborn or growing baby, it doesn’t happen. You end up tending to your sweet child instead, which is more of a priority when you have a young baby. Thankfully, with babywearing, you can complete all of your tasks throughout the day while taking care of your baby. Keep reading to learn all about babywearing and why moms and dads love it!

All About Babywearing

Babywearing is the term used for parents holding their baby close with either a sling or pouch. Many people believe that if you hold your baby close for too long the child will grow up to be spoiled and clingy. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Carry your baby and they will not grow up clingy and demanding, but instead, the child will feel secure, loved, and will develop a positive self-esteem and development. Furthermore, babywearing is also beneficial for the parents who desire to get daily tasks done. There are many other benefits babywearing has as well, discussed next.

The Many Reasons Why Babywearing Helps Your Baby Grow Up and Develop into a Strong and Healthy Individual

  • Babywearing decreases the occurrence of postpartum depression in a mother. A mother holding her baby close can feel a stronger bond to her little one, thus preventing depression from developing or decreasing it if has begun.
  • Holding your baby in a sling creates an intimate connection between a parent and child. It also results in a positive intellectual, physical, and social development for babies.
    If you wear your baby, they have better digestion since you are holding them close, thus preventing acid reflux and colic from taking place.
  • Wearing your baby also decreases fussiness and nurtures a healthy and loving relationship between both parent and child. As a parent, you are also more in tune with your baby’s needs.
  • Constantly meet needs by wearing your baby close to you daily. Babywearing meets the needs of warmth, love, touch, and food right away.
  • Wear your baby and enjoy watching them fall asleep quickly. Usually, your baby will sleep for a longer period of time, feeling comfy in the sling. Plus, having your child close to you helps them feel secure; therefore, helping your child develop a healthy self-esteem that they’ll carry into adulthood.
  • Studies also show that babywearing improves your child’s circulation, aids in digestion, and supports respiration.
  • Teach your child to stay calm by stimulating their nervous system in a sling or pouch. As you hold them close to you are decreasing feelings of stress that may arise and instead help them feel relaxed because he is close to you. Baby can also listen to your heartbeat, which is also extremely calming.
  • Your baby also learns more while you wear them, and in the process, you develop learning skills and provide healthy brain development.
  • A mother can breastfeed her child without having to sit down. It makes it easy and accessible for a baby to eat.

How Two Feathers Babywearing Supports Babywearing

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