When Your Hands are Full

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When Your Hands are Full

“Wow. Your hands are full.”

Busy moms are often on the receiving end of comments like, “Wow. Your hands are full!” and “3 kiddos… you know what causes that, right?” and “I don’t know how you do it!”. The truth is…our hands are full (of countless blessings), we do know what causes it….and it is love, and we do it with help and great resources (products)- like ring slings, an encouraging community, and great attitudes.

Countless Blessings

So often we can be distracted by our schedules, errands, projects and the demands of our household that we forget that our tasks are an act of loving service to our family. What is it about human nature that allows us to quickly forget that we are living out the dreams of our childhood? Maybe we didn’t dream of the sleepless nights or the dirty diapers, but oh the magic of a baby close to your chest as you breathe in their precious hair. It is a weekly (or daily) bounty of the grocery cart, instead of the burden of the errand. Motherhood is not something we happen upon, it is part of the refiner’s fire to shape and mold our hearts as well as the lives of the children we have been entrusted with. 


It doesn’t matter how your family is made up, the first ingredient was almost always love. There is no love like a parent that lays down their needs for the needs of a child. This kind of love serves others first and himself last. This kind of love stays up late and wakes up early, and runs ragged all the hours in between. There is no other love like a parent for their child(ren). Don’t let the grandiosity of this love be diminished when you are weary, let it fuel you!


I hear often from grandparents how lucky this generation of parents is. We have pouches that distribute a healthy portion of organic food with no mess! We have minivans with TV screens and doors that open automatically. We have information at our fingertips, and we have products that allow us to effectively multi-task like Two Feathers Babywearing's Ring Slings and Meh Dais that free up our full hands to serve while keeping our babes near. We have strollers, car seats, ice packs, leak-proof water bottles, breast pumps, baby monitors, and so much more. The products available to parents are incredible and designed to create experiences with our families instead of just survival. We have the modern luxury to be resourceful and use innovative products that allow us to be better at our jobs. 


Having children is, in my opinion, an enormous job. Like any job, having colleagues to share the load, provide feedback and help you grow are essentials to your success. Motherhood is no different. It has been such a rewarding experience to learn and share life with other families in the same stage of life. The mom network is a serious gift. We are able to find comradery and assistance at almost every turn. If we are able to shift our focus a bit to include the knowledge of others – our skill sets and strengths will expand as well.  Sharing life (the pretty and the not so pretty) is part of our design. Though, we all strive to hold it all together, what a gift of mercy a friend who sees past your dirty laundry is.

When your hands are full, which they often are – I hope you will remember when they weren’t. When your grocery list is long, focus on your ability to provide food for your family. When you feel lonely, find a new friend that could use a cup of coffee. We can teach our children so much by the way we serve and love others and by the way we express gratitude.