Why Choose Silk?

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Why Choose Silk?

When most people think of silk, they picture extravagance. Silk typically creates images of wedding gowns and celebrity award shows, not baby slings. So why do we make our Oklahoma ring slings out of silk? No, we are not just trying to make a fashion statement. The reason for our decision is simple; our silk is both beautiful and durable.

At Two Feathers Babywearing, we use Dupioni Silk in our products, from slings to bows. This type of cloth is made when two silkworms create a cocoon at the same time, producing a double thread. Also known as Dupion Silk or Double Palace Silk, the fabric has fascinating characteristics. For example, both single strands may be alike, or the two threads may be different colors. Additionally, the silk, like most natural materials, has slight irregularities that only serve to enhance its charm and beauty.


The Benefits of Dupioni Silk

Having two threads woven together instead of one makes Dupioni Silk stronger and more durable than other types of silk. Along with its strength, our Dupioni Silk baby ring slings have many other benefits:

  • They are moisture wicking - Silk will not feel damp until ⅓ of its weight is wet.
  • They are breathable - Stay comfortable while wearing your baby.
  • They are natural and hypoallergenic - Silk is excellent for sensitive skin.
  • They are washable - You can use the gentle cycle.

Two Feathers Babywearing Silk Ring Sling

Now that you know all of the practical reasons why we chose to include silk in our line of Oklahoma ring slings, you can enjoy the richness of this lovely fabric guilt free. Just because something is stylish, does not mean it is impractical. So wear your Dupioni Silk in confidence, and wrap your little one in luxurious comfort. If you have any questions about your sling, please contact us. We are always happy to help.