Why You Need to Come Experience An Affair of the Heart with Us

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Why You Need to Come Experience An Affair of the Heart with Us

What to Expect at the Show

An Affair of The Heart is a big deal to Oklahomans. From lampshades to Oklahoma Americana, An Affair of The Heart is perfect for those who love crafts, home decorations, food and much more.

An Affair of The Heart is organized, very clean, and professional. The environment is busy and everyone shopping has a least one shopping bag in hand with goodies inside. Everyone is walking around curious to see what each vendors has to offer and are courteous to one another. 

Our Experience Working the Show

We have no shame telling you this, but we were a bit nervous and skeptical at first to interact with the shoppers as they watched us put on our slings at our first show. But as we removed and replaced our slings throughout the day, it became a natural motion. We've become pretty fast at demonstrating and it tickles us to place our “fake baby” aka demo doll in our carriers and walk around. We even have little kids ask if our baby is real. Talking with and interacting with the crowd has always been a nice experience. We've now attended 6 shows!

We are always amazed at how COMFORTABLE the babies are when worn in our carriers. It is almost instantly that they became soothed in the huggable and kissable position when worn by their moms. Dads seemed to "oo" and "ah" over our meh dais and are impressed with how the weight of their toddlers became manageable once they were all set in the carrier! We love seeing the smiles and the “ahhh” moments that come over the moms' faces as they experienced the feelings of freedom and comfort while wearing our slings. Let me tell you, baby fever is real because we're always burning up with admiration! We hope to see return customers in February and meet new Oklahoma families. After observing AAOTH all these times I do have some good tips to share.

Here are my best tips for attending An Affair of The Heart:

Pregnant Moms 

  • If you’re pregnant with your first baby (no stroller or other kids yet) bring or buy, at the show, a reusable cart. You can tote around your items more easily and it will take a load off of your arms even if your purse is the only thing that ends up being strolled around in your cart, being pregnant it’s worth it. 
  • Also, take breaks in the chairs near the snacks booths.
  • Lastly don’t forget to stop by our booth to pick up your new sling or meh dai. Having your carrier BEFORE your baby arrives will give you time to wash it, break it in a bit, and try it on a few times for practice. You can even wrap up your growing tummy for relief from the weight.

New Moms 

  • If you have a stroller and a baby carrier bring both! You can shop longer if you give your baby time in your carrier, time in the stroller, and time simple in your loving arms. Switching up positions will make you and baby more comfortable AND you can store any new purchases below the stroller as well as have a good place for your water bottle and such as you walk around. 
  • If you do not have a carrier yet make our booth your first stop. I assure you your new Two Feathers Babywearing baby carrier will be your BEST purchase of the weekend, and you’ll have it on hand to use as mentioned above.

Moms of Multiples 

  • Survive. Just kidding, but no really! Bring that stroller, your baby carriers (I know you must have a few different options by now), and a friend or your kids' grandma.
  • I do not advise bringing a wagon. Wagons stroll behind you making it hard to keep your kids in view when walking through the crowds UNLESS your friend, husband, or mom is willing to walk behind the wagon. If you walk like this, the benefit is your in a single file line, but then you can’t enjoy each other’s conversation as well. If you can push the stroller, wear one baby, your partner in shopping crime wears another little one and pushes the reusable shopping cart you’re doing mighty fine! 
  • Have big kids stay close at all times, but consider taking breaks and letting them visit cute booths in view from the break station to let them explore a bit while you watch. 
  • Don’t forget to stop by our booth. If you’re expecting your very last baby, or if you’ve already welcomed the final addition to your family before the show my advice would be to purchase a Two Feathers Babywearing meh dai. It will last you a little longer than a ring sling! Your ring sling will be great for quick carries which is always helpful for a mom of multiples AND you can pass it on to a dear friend after you’re done using it. Your meh dai, however, will be good for times when you need to tote around your baby for longer periods of time and will outlast the ring sling by 10 lbs since it holds up to 45 lbs. By now, you know what you need since you’ve basically master mommyhood, so just stop on by our booth and see for yourself what may work best for you.


  • Ask the staff checking arm bands and tickets about the building’s restrooms. Sometimes there is an obvious one with a long line AND a second one hidden away or a little off the beaten path that may have a smaller line. I also suggest trying to potty a little before lunch since it seems everyone likes to run to the restroom after eating goodies after their morning of shopping. 
  • Don’t forget to arrive early. Some vendors do run out of inventory AND if you’re early parking will be a breeze. 
  • Try to look for vendors who promote MADE IN OKLAHOMA. It’s a win win so support local businesses. 

Even if there’s not a baby in sight for you, you’re still welcome to join us at the Two Feathers Babywearing booth. We’ll have handy tote bags for you and great baby shower gifts for your friends. If you do not know what color of carrier to get your expecting bestie we even offer gift cards. Let me tell you, ring slings make the ultimate shower gift, since they are small, easy to wrap, and always a hit amongst the guests at any shower.